Why You Should Include Omega Fatty Acids Into Your Diet

25 Apr

essential fatty acids benefits ‘Fats’ is a word that majority us who want to lose weight avoid at all costs. It is the cause of nightmares for many and thus shunned at all costs. What most of us may not realize is that some essential fats can actually aid in weight loss. I know you just raised your eyebrows didn’t you?  Well, let me illustrate exactly what I mean.

Omega 3, 6 and 9 are essential fats that are highly relevant in the body. These aid in some of the basic functions of the body. Being essential acids, they are not produced by the body but are highly useful in most of the body functions. They can only be ingested and in high amounts to attain the required results.

Of course, you may need to alter your diet a bit to be able to enjoy the full benefits of omega fatty acids. The main source of omega fatty acids is a variety of fish including tilapia and shellfish.  However, leafy vegetables, soya oil, flaxseed, canola oil, chia seeds and even pumpkin seeds have been found to be rich sources of omega fatty acids as well.

Now how exactly do omega essential fatty acids aid in weight loss? Well, the main function that these fatty acids play that relates to weight loss is aiding in thermogenesis. This is the process of producing heat in the body to keep it warm and keep the rest of the body functions going. Now when this is at its peak it helps burn fats faster in the body avoiding accumulation of fats which is what leads to weight gain and obesity. Additionally, omega essential oils also help increase energy in the body keeping you revitalized meaning you can work out longer.

If your curse is bingeing, then omega fatty acids are your answer. They impede the hormones ghreline and leptin which are the hormones associated with appetite and hunger. This then means that you are left feeling full most of the time reducing chances of bingeing. In the same breath, a lot of us binge due to depression and stress. Omega fatty acids aid in increasing brain function opening it up and making it easier for you to handle what may seem to be hard situations.

Omega fatty acids also play a great part in increasing the metabolic rate. This then means that food is digested and deposited faster giving fats a less time to accumulate and cause obesity or adding weight. The excess fats are quickly deposited into the blood stream and turned into energy again boosting you to do more!

Clearly, not all fats are harmful. These are the kind of fats you should keep close and not stay off of as is commonly believed.

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