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23 Dec

Whenever one thinks about eating right one of the first things that may come to mind is the ‘d’ word or dieting. Regrettably some people tend to mistake dieting for starvation or self-sacrifice. This needn’t be the case. It should be about eating right and living healthier.

Fortunately there are 2 diets that can help you to achieve this – these are the DASH diet and the Mediterranean Diet.

These two diets were recently voted to be the best diets around by; in a recent diet ranking by twenty-two (22) experts. ( is an American news magazine that is published in an online format).

The Mediterranean and the Dash diet both have identical concepts. They share the concept of consuming healthy food in moderation, giving foods such as protein, vegetables and fruits, low fat dairy and whole grains preference over other foods.

The DASH diet was developed and endorsed by The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and has a number of health benefits that include helping to prevent and lower hypertension (high blood pressure) while being able to speed up the weight loss process in a healthy way. The DASH diet received its high praises as it places a lot of importance on grains (7-8 daily servings is allowed), fruits and vegetables, low fat or non-fat dairy products, and lean meat.

The Mediterranean diet is considered to be a heart healthy diet, and has the advantage of helping to improve mental health, the prevention of cancer and increasing longevity. This diet is not simply a diet that allows people to lose weight; it is a lifestyle change that encourages healthy activities and habits. The most unique characteristic of the Mediterranean diet is that it is acceptable to consume wine in moderation and encourages plentiful use of olive oil. Other studies have also shown that the Mediterranean diet has also been beneficial to patients that suffer from arthritis.

Some of the other diets to make the top 5 list were:

  • The Weight Watchers Diet – This diet is actually ranked as the best commercial diet. The Weight Watchers Diet isn’t simply about losing weight but educating people on how to be healthy. Instead of placing the focus on foods, numbers and activities this diet focuses on the person.  This diet doesn’t tell you what to eat as instead you are awarded points based on what you eat and the level of physical activity that you engage in.
  • Mayo Clinic Diet – Although not considered to be the best long term solution, this diet is also considered to be one of the healthier diets. The Mayo Clinic places a lot of emphasis on the consumption of fruits and vegetables. These foods can be consumed in limitless amounts.
  • The Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) Diet – This diet was developed by the National Health Institute and provides its users with a lot more flexibility than other commercial diets.  The main focus of the TLC diet is somewhat similar to the Weight Watchers Diet as it focuses on educating people on how to live healthier lives through eating and exercising.
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Diet – One could also add to this list this diet which was created by Doctor Weil. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet isn’t really a diet as it is best categorized a plan that focuses on eating. This diet has a number of spins to it; however, it main focus is on the consumption of a lot of fruits and vegetables, a lot of whole grains, the consumption of lean meat, omega 3, NO refined or processed foods and the consumption of anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric.

Without ignoring the effectiveness of diets such as the TLC Diet, the Mayo Clinic Diet or Weight Watchers, if losing weight the healthy way is your main objective then you may certainly want to go with either the DASH diet or the Mediterranean diet.

One a final note before you go ahead and select a diet is that the number one rule to remember is to choose a diet you are able to follow and one that you can easily fit into your existing lifestyle. Stay away from diets that are too restrictive and you will succeed.

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