Green Tea Weight Loss: Does it Work?

14 Apr

Green Tea Weight Loss

Have you been losing weight, but hit your plateau and need something to help push through? Are you simply trying to get started on a weight loss plan and need a little extra encouragement to get started? Green tea weight loss is an excellent way to lose weight the healthy way.

The benefits of green tea have been widely known for some time now. The good news is that green tea and weight loss have been positively linked in numerous studies and by tons of people who have used green tea as a weight loss aid. Green tea weight loss does work!

Does green tea help you lose weight?

Many people have the heard the amazing weight loss benefits surrounding green tea, but do not know exactly how the tea assists with weight loss.  Green tea weight loss is very possible, especially when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

  • Green tea can help to increase the speed of your metabolism. This is great because a faster metabolism means you have more energy and burn calories at a faster speed.
  • Green tea may help reduce your appetite. Studies have shown that green tea helps regulate the blood sugar, therefore helping to reduce your appetite and encourage weight loss.
  • Green tea assists with glucose regulation.  Since green tea helps regulate blood sugar after you eat a meal, it will help to reduce or prevent high insulin surges that can speed the progression of glucose into fat.

In addition to weight loss there are many other benefits of green tea.  It is lower in calories than many other drinks.  Even a simple thing like switching your morning cup of coffee to green tea is an easy way to integrate green tea into your life. There are even greater benefits of green tea. Doctors report that green tea may help fight off awful diseases like cancer and heart disease. It may also have a role in lowering cholesterol, and preventing diabetes and dementia.  It is hard not to relate green tea and weight loss when considering all the amazing weight loss and health benefits of green tea! Green tea weight loss is a safe, natural, and effective way to your health in a number of different ways.

While many of these studies are in the early stages, so far they report nothing but great news regarding the green tea weight loss and health benefits. Considering there is very little negative surrounding the consumption of green tea, it seems silly not to give it a try while embarking on a weight loss plan. Keep in mind that green tea is not a magic answer. In order to get great results, you must combine green tea with exercise and a healthy diet. When asking yourself the question, “does green tea help you lose weight”, remember that is can be an amazing aide to a healthy lifestyle.  Green tea weight loss is an effective and healthy way to help get in shape and stay healthy.

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