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David Beckham Workout

5 Apr

He has been the golden boy of soccer for a very long time, loved by many and women just falling all over him. It is understandable, as he is hot and loaded.

The David Beckham Workout is responsible for keeping him ultra lean and ripped, and football is all responsible for that. It just goes to show that the exercises of the soccer stars is what we all need to burn that extra fat and bring out the lean in us.

In fact when it comes to football, it is all about cardio with interval training, because it works very well in burning fat. The David Beckham workout even though it is focused on the preparing him for football it encompasses many aspects of a great workout which includes strength training combined with endurance training.

He is ultra fit so his workout will be a bit of a challenge for most of us. Here is a snapshot of how the David Beckham Workout looks (courtesy of


Beckham’s Workout
5-minute run
Intensity: 85% MHR
Rest: 4 minutes
Sets: 3


Beckham’s Workout
2-minute run
Intensity: 90% MHR
Rest: 2 minutes
Sets: 7


Beckham’s Workout
1-minute run
Intensity: 95% MHR
Rest: 1 minute
Sets: 15


Beckham’s Workout
60-yard turnarounds (sprint 60 yards, turn around, and sprint back)
Intensity: 20 seconds total per out-and-back sprint
Rest: 1 minute
Sets: 8 to 10


Beckham’s Workout
60-yard sprint
Intensity: As hard as possible
Rest: 10 seconds
Sets: 8 to 10

You are welcome to copy this workout and tailor make it for yourself, and if you are able to perform the exercises on this workout you are pretty fit.

Most of us will not be able to pull it off and that’s ok.  Start slow and build up your fitness levels and your body will be burning fat and getting you leaner.

A workout without a good diet will not get you far in your weight loss efforts.

Vegetables will do some justice to your health and your body, as well lean meats such as fish and poultry. Foods containing a lot of sugar, foods containing bad carbs like white flour and rice, junk foods and foods that contain bad fats should be kept at a minimum.

The David Beckham Workout could be a great start to your body transformation, and you will be on your way to acquire the lean body that David has.

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Kellan Lutz Workout

3 Apr

The Kellan Lutz Workout is what is responsible for Kellan having a beach body and perfect abs.

He is best known for his role in Twilight series as Emmet Cullen and a lot of people want to know how he gets that rock hard chiseled body that has women drooling over him.

Working out like him just might give us a toned body like him, so lets look at what he actually does to stay fit.

His basic workout routine consists of the following:

  • He warms up for 5 minutes with cardio
  • He does some fundamental core exercises that include full body movements
  • He odes muscle strength training exercises

Specifically, the Kellan Lutz Workout consists of the following:

  • Reverse Crunch (20 Reps)
  • V-UP (20 Reps)
  • Barbell Front Squat to Push Press (12 Reps)
  • Pushup (12 Reps)
  • Incline dumbbell press (12 Reps)
  • Explosive pushup (12 Reps)
  • Lunge (12 Reps)
  • Goblet squat (12 Reps)

For the best results, you need to complete one set of each exercise. Rest 60-90 seconds. Then repeat. Do two more circuits (if you can).

I am sure you are well aware by now that exercise alone will not give you a body like Kellan. You will need to eat a healthy balanced diet to be able to have your body functioning optimally as well to have the energy you need to perform the workouts. Here are some of Kellan’s suggestions on the nutritional front:

  • Do not skip breakfast, it is the most important meal as it is the one that breaks the fast from the night before and supplies the body with all the nutrients necessary for optimal functioning.
  • Eat at least five smaller meals everyday, this is so you do not get hungry which might lead to binging
  • A hard boiled is a great way to end the day just before you go to bed. This is to ensure that your body’s metabolism does not fall too low while you sleep
  • A calorie counter is a fun way to keep track of the calories you burn as you go about your day or when you work out

Kellan found something that works for him in staying fit and toned. The Kellan Lutz workout might not be something that works for the average person like you and me, however we also can find ways to be healthier through exercise and better eating.

* O’Connell, Jeff.  “Kellan Lutz Workout:  Built for the Beach.” June 2010

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Sean Faris Workout

1 Apr

Sean Faris knows all too well about training and toning your body, once he had to gain over 15 pounds of muscle for a role that he was playing.

Whether preparing for a movie or not, he works out several times a week, and he has workout tips that you can use for your own workouts. Here are some fundamentals of the Sean Faris Workout that :

  • Start with small achievable goals – when you start training, start out with exercises that your body can handle. Do not over exert your body, otherwise you might run the risk of getting burnt out. When you start small, you can build up on where you started, and adjust your goals as your fitness level changes.
  • The training regimen consisted of mainly of weight training as well as fight practice which would go on for up to 6 hours. The training included heavy bag punches, jiujitsu as well a lot of kicks to the training pads. This training was important to have the punches look real and powerful.
  • A crucial part of the workout was exercises that build muscle by using free weights. These consisted of compound exercises that included barbell squats, military presses as well as deadlifts.  Also, he used dumbbell raises for the purpose of training his shoulders, which give him a complete look of strength and power .
  • These exercises also developed his abs, because when doing the barbell exercises, he was relying on his own strength, not that of the weight belt because he did not use any.

Training was intense at times that he ended up with some injuries, like from the time he injured his ankles as a result of too much of rope skipping.

Going through the kind of intense training that Sean had to go through training for a role, there are bound to be lessons to be learned. One of the main lessons that he took away is that training should be varied so that the body experiences other workouts, this way it never gets used to the exercise and the chances of hitting a weight loss plateau is slim.

These Sean Faris workout tips are what helped him train his body for a physique and physical strength and you can use them for your benefit also.

Andy Whitfield Workout

1 Apr

The Andy Whitfield Workout is what was responsible in ensuring that Andy was well toned with impressive muscles.

The workout that was employed for Spartacus has to ensure that it prepared him for the action and the fighting scenes that are executed in the movie, beautifully I must say.

Andy believes that when you train more and eat less, you are on your way to getting the body you want. These are the key elements to his workouts:

  • Acrobatics – this includes diving, jumping and rolling, it is good preparation for the fight training that he had to go through.
  • Gymnastics – tumbling was a big part of the role, so he had to learn to tumble
  • Fighting techniques and strategies – this included the martial arts exercises to condition and tone the muscles for the fighting scenes
  • Compound exercises were the main focus for the workouts.

As you can see, the Andy Whitfield Workout is quite intense, and it is great for burning calories and toning the entire body.

Before they started filming Andy and his co stars had to go to boot Camp training for 2 weeks prior to filming, where they had to train for 4 hours every single morning. As a result they got extra toned for their roles, and the payoff was great physiques!

Some of the exercises that they had to do included:

  • Goblet squats
  • Split Jumps
  • T Push ups
  • Renegade rows
  • Mountain climber
  • DB Push press

You can now see that the training was intense, and the result was great physiques and well toned bodies. That is the Andy Whitfield workout, and you can take it and get yourself toned.

YouTube Preview Image

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout – Get Cristiano Ronaldo Abs

1 Apr

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the most talented footballers in our time, and definitely one of the most sought out players. He is not only talked about because of his talent in football but his physique is also getting him a lot of attention, and the fact that he is doing the Emporio Armani underwear line just gets even more women drooling over him.

You are about to learn the Cristiano Ronaldo Workout that is responsible for the Cristiano Ronaldo Abs.

To have a body like Ronaldo would require that you train like he does. However he is already at an advantage because he trains like a professional football player, which requires him to train 5 days a week, for up to 5 hours at a time. As you can imagine, this is pretty intense.

And in all honesty, it would not be possible for the average person to do because of the time constraints that we have. Most of us have jobs that take us up to 8 hours away from our normal lives, but still, there is a way for the normal person to get the same success that Ronaldo has achieved in having a lean body with beautiful abs.

To get a lean toned body with ripped abs will involve eating a healthy diet as well as exercise. The exercises will comprise of cardio vascular exercises as well as strength training.

Cardio vascular training is important for burning calories thereby removing excess fat, as well as improving strength training performance. Strength training is for the sole purpose of building lean muscles among other benefits.

The Cristiano Ronaldo Workout for you to have a body that looks like his would involve:

Day 1 – Strength training exercises like lunges, leg raises, bench presses and over rows. Cardio vascular exercises will include cycling or jogging or swimming.

Day 2 – No strength training, so the muscles can rest. Cardio vascular exercises like sprinting can be done, by using intervals. For example, you can do 5 200m sprints, while you are resting 1 minute in between the sprints

Day 3 – You can do 12 to 15 reps of strength training exercises that include squats, pull ups and dead lifts. For cardio, you can do cycling, jogging or whatever cardio exercise that you prefer.

And basically you continue to train your body by doing exercises that burn fat, while the strength training exercises will be helping you build lean muscles. Ensure that you warm up before you start training so that you do not injure yourself.

Also, after training, it is important to stretch the muscles.

Burning fat is critical in getting abs to be visible, and that is the reason why Cristiano Ronaldo abs are so visible. Through training, he has reduced his body fat to the point where his abs are visible, and can expose his toned body.

The Cristiano Ronaldo Workout is more effective if used with a sensible diet that focuses on healthy and balanced eating.

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