Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

24 Aug

Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

The one thing that is most likely to run through your mind when you think of weight loss is dieting.  If you are like me, the idea of going on a diet is always an unwelcome thought.  You start picturing those juicy ham and cheese sandwiches being replaced by tasteless salads and what some would call ‘rabbit food’.  Well, if you are in this category, I have grand news for you. There are numerous delicious healthy recipes for weight loss.  You can eat every stage of a four course meal yet be eating parts of a healthy recipe meant for weight loss.  Some of the best healthy recipes are actually really tasty treats that even someone not looking to lose weight would be tempted to try out.

One of the tastiest yet effective healthy recipes for weight loss I have found so far is from Metabolic Cooking. Unlike other recipes online and in cookbooks that pretend to offer fat burning remedies yet use ingredients that work in the exact opposite, Metabolic Cooking offers easy and healthy recipes meant for weight loss that actually work.

I love my breakfast. All the more if it is tasty and filling. So, when I came across this breakfast recipe that is perfectly tasty yet works to cut my calorie intake, I fell in love with it. Allow me to share this apple oatmeal pancakes recipe with you, as a perfect example of these healthy recipes for weight loss.

This recipe entails simple ingredients that are easy to access. The main ingredients are 6 egg whites, half a cup of oatmeal, a tablespoon of unsweetened apple sauce, a pinch of cinnamon powder, a pinch of stevia, a fresh apple, a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and cooking spray. This is for one serving of about 4 to 6 pancakes.

To get all the ingredients to complement each other and mix just right, blend all of them together except the pieces of apple. This done, you heat up your pan until it is nice and hot then bring down the heat to medium. Now spray some cooking spray and drop your blend of ingredients into your ready pan spoonful by spoonful. When bubbles start forming, its time to place the apple pieces evenly on the pancake. Allow these to set into the pancake before turning it. Repeat this process for as many pancakes as you can make from the batch. This healthy recipe for weight loss works wonders on an empty stomach early in the morning. One, the pancakes are nutritious and filling meaning you will not need to keep looking for snacks till lunchtime. Second, calorie count for this meal is as low as 240. It awards you with 28 grams of protein, no fat whatsoever and 32 grams of carbs. You do not even need to add sugar to this recipe as the apples satisfy that need.

You can find several other perfectly healthy recipes that work well for weight loss especially with Metabolic Cooking. The one thing that I have noted with these recipes is for every one of these healthy recipes, you are assured of a tasty treat and yet it works very well for weight loss. If you are curious like me and would like to see more recipes, kindly follow this link and eat your way to losing weight.

You can also read the review on the hottest fat loss cookbook Metabolic Cooking here.

Why You Should Eat Your Greens

7 Jul

A great challenge facing all of us is finding the right path to a healthier, fitter life. As much as we would like to, it is not always possible to completely reinvent our lifestyles to fit in hours of exercise and change our entire diet overnight. However, we do have the option of taking at least a few steps in the right direction.

Many nutritionists consider consumption of greens to be a great first step in kicking off anyone’s weight loss program or a healthier lifestyle. This is because green leafy vegetables are:

•    Packed with nutrition
•    Low in calories but high in energy
•    Low in carbohydrates and fat
•    Easy to consume and digest

If you go ahead and begin consuming greens regularly, you’ll soon find that you still get enough calories and energy, but without the more harmful ingredients found in an average modern diet. This means you’ll feel energized, your digestion and heart health will improve, you’ll reduce your calorie intake, and you’ll find it much easier to continue on the path to wellness!

Greens as Nutrition Powerhouses

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that you eat a minimum of 3 cups of dark green vegetables every week. This is because their research has shown that greens are packed with important minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Two of the most important ones are:

•    Phytonutrients: All greens contain these unique compounds, which act as natural antioxidants in your body. They can protect you from many chronic health problems, including heart disease and cancer. In general, the greener or darker the leafy vegetable, the more phytonutrients it has.

•    Vitamin K: Greens are rich in Vitamin K, which can prevent calcification of your arteries and improves blood clotting. In addition, it is important in keeping your bones strong and healthy, even after menopause.

Greens and Weight Loss

Most greens have almost zero carbohydrates, making them ideal for your weight loss program. In addition, they have a lot of fiber, which means the food energy is released slowly after digestion. As a result, your blood glucose levels remain steady. They are also very low in natural fats and calories. In fact, a single cup of your favorite greens will add only around 7 to 9 calories to your diet!

Eat Your Greens (Or Even Drink Them!)

A great thing about greens is that you have so many options of how to make them part of your daily diet. You can use them in salads, add them to sandwiches, use them as wraps, or even as colorful, crunchy garnish. Another popular way is to blend greens with low-sugar fruits to create tasty, healthy smoothies. You can even choose to take greens in the form of supplements, such as spirulina tablets or flakes.

So if you are looking for one simple way to make a real positive impact on your life, you really should Go Green!

Why You Should Include Omega Fatty Acids Into Your Diet

25 Apr

essential fatty acids benefits ‘Fats’ is a word that majority us who want to lose weight avoid at all costs. It is the cause of nightmares for many and thus shunned at all costs. What most of us may not realize is that some essential fats can actually aid in weight loss. I know you just raised your eyebrows didn’t you?  Well, let me illustrate exactly what I mean.

Omega 3, 6 and 9 are essential fats that are highly relevant in the body. These aid in some of the basic functions of the body. Being essential acids, they are not produced by the body but are highly useful in most of the body functions. They can only be ingested and in high amounts to attain the required results.

Of course, you may need to alter your diet a bit to be able to enjoy the full benefits of omega fatty acids. The main source of omega fatty acids is a variety of fish including tilapia and shellfish.  However, leafy vegetables, soya oil, flaxseed, canola oil, chia seeds and even pumpkin seeds have been found to be rich sources of omega fatty acids as well.

Now how exactly do omega essential fatty acids aid in weight loss? Well, the main function that these fatty acids play that relates to weight loss is aiding in thermogenesis. This is the process of producing heat in the body to keep it warm and keep the rest of the body functions going. Now when this is at its peak it helps burn fats faster in the body avoiding accumulation of fats which is what leads to weight gain and obesity. Additionally, omega essential oils also help increase energy in the body keeping you revitalized meaning you can work out longer.

If your curse is bingeing, then omega fatty acids are your answer. They impede the hormones ghreline and leptin which are the hormones associated with appetite and hunger. This then means that you are left feeling full most of the time reducing chances of bingeing. In the same breath, a lot of us binge due to depression and stress. Omega fatty acids aid in increasing brain function opening it up and making it easier for you to handle what may seem to be hard situations.

Omega fatty acids also play a great part in increasing the metabolic rate. This then means that food is digested and deposited faster giving fats a less time to accumulate and cause obesity or adding weight. The excess fats are quickly deposited into the blood stream and turned into energy again boosting you to do more!

Clearly, not all fats are harmful. These are the kind of fats you should keep close and not stay off of as is commonly believed.

Green Tea Weight Loss: Does it Work?

14 Apr

Green Tea Weight Loss

Have you been losing weight, but hit your plateau and need something to help push through? Are you simply trying to get started on a weight loss plan and need a little extra encouragement to get started? Green tea weight loss is an excellent way to lose weight the healthy way.

The benefits of green tea have been widely known for some time now. The good news is that green tea and weight loss have been positively linked in numerous studies and by tons of people who have used green tea as a weight loss aid. Green tea weight loss does work!

Does green tea help you lose weight?

Many people have the heard the amazing weight loss benefits surrounding green tea, but do not know exactly how the tea assists with weight loss.  Green tea weight loss is very possible, especially when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

  • Green tea can help to increase the speed of your metabolism. This is great because a faster metabolism means you have more energy and burn calories at a faster speed.
  • Green tea may help reduce your appetite. Studies have shown that green tea helps regulate the blood sugar, therefore helping to reduce your appetite and encourage weight loss.
  • Green tea assists with glucose regulation.  Since green tea helps regulate blood sugar after you eat a meal, it will help to reduce or prevent high insulin surges that can speed the progression of glucose into fat.

In addition to weight loss there are many other benefits of green tea.  It is lower in calories than many other drinks.  Even a simple thing like switching your morning cup of coffee to green tea is an easy way to integrate green tea into your life. There are even greater benefits of green tea. Doctors report that green tea may help fight off awful diseases like cancer and heart disease. It may also have a role in lowering cholesterol, and preventing diabetes and dementia.  It is hard not to relate green tea and weight loss when considering all the amazing weight loss and health benefits of green tea! Green tea weight loss is a safe, natural, and effective way to your health in a number of different ways.

While many of these studies are in the early stages, so far they report nothing but great news regarding the green tea weight loss and health benefits. Considering there is very little negative surrounding the consumption of green tea, it seems silly not to give it a try while embarking on a weight loss plan. Keep in mind that green tea is not a magic answer. In order to get great results, you must combine green tea with exercise and a healthy diet. When asking yourself the question, “does green tea help you lose weight”, remember that is can be an amazing aide to a healthy lifestyle.  Green tea weight loss is an effective and healthy way to help get in shape and stay healthy.

One of the best green tea’s you can buy these days is the one called Tava Tea. For more information about their green tea visit the Tava Tea website today!

Exercise to Lose Weight

19 Mar

Exercise to Lose Weight

Exercise to Lose Weight

Have you been trying to lose weight? Have you been exercising, but are not seeing any progress? Have you seen progress, but have hit a plateau?  Do you know you need to exercise to lose weight, but are having a hard time getting motivated? If any of these apply to you, you may find yourself wondering what is the best exercise to lose weight. The bottom line is that for the best and quickest results, you must exercise to lose weight. The trick is finding out what works for you and how often your body needs to change it up and face a new challenge.

Many people ask the question “how much should I exercise to lose weight?” A lot of people will exercise everyday and sometimes multiple times a day expecting to get instant results. The truth is that rest days are necessary and weight loss takes time and dedication. Rest days are important to the body’s recovery after a workout. While it is necessary to exercise to lose weight, it is also necessary to provide your body with ample time to recover. Muscles need time to relax and heal; rest actually leads to stronger workouts and better endurance. Continued or constant workouts with a day of rest can actually hurt a person’s body and cause them to perform worse over time.  Over-training can lead to muscle or tissue breakdown and eventually injury, which may mean some away from working out for recovery.

The best exercise to lose weight is a combination of cardiovascular work and strength training built in to a routine that schedules days off for rest and recovery. Many people will yo-yo diet and go in to intense workout sessions, but time and time again it has been proven that the best way to exercise to lose weight is the healthy way. The healthy way includes routine exercise and a healthy diet, day in and day out for an extended period of time. The best mentality to have towards weight loss is that you are making a lifestyle change. Once you have stuck to your plan and lost weight, the last thing you want to do is slip in to old habits and gain all the weight back.

It is worth mentioning again, however, that it is really necessary to exercise to lose weight. Some people are able to lose weight simply by changing their food habits, but exercising adds a whole new dimension of health to your life. Not only will you exercise to lose weight, but you will exercise to build endurance, strengthen your body and mind, and increase your metabolism. Exercise releases endorphins that help promote happiness and reduce stress in the body and mind.

Remember, the best exercise to lose weight is an exercise that strengthens not only your body but also your mind. When you exercise to lose weight, you will also find an inner confidence you did not know you had. This will carry out in to your everyday life and encourage you to make better decisions about how to better your life. Binge dieting and sporadic exercise sessions are not good for the body. A steady and constant change to a better lifestyle will help you meet all your weight loss goals.


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